Paul Pettit Editorial Ad

“I write to express my support for Steve Miller, Republican candidate for the Idaho Legislature District 24B.  Steve has a long and distinguished record of Public Service.  Steve was a Camas County Commissioner for 6 years; he has been on the Camas Soil Conservation Board of Supervisors for 44 years.  During those 44 years he served 2 years as President of the Idaho Association of Conservation Districts and 2 years at Secretary/Treasurer of the National Association of Conservation Districts. In addition, Steve was on the Camas County Zoning and Planning Board for 17 years and he has served in the Idaho House of Representatives for six years.  Steve has dedicated his life to Public Service, is well versed on the issues facing rural Idaho and will be an excellent representative for District 24B in the Idaho Legislature.

I have met Steve on multiple occasions over the past several years and have discussed land and water issues with him that are central to rural Idaho’s economic and social future.  His knowledge and understanding of potential future action by both the State and Federal governments that could result in profound negative changes to our economy is a great asset for us.  I know him to be a man of excellent character and integrity.

Steve’s opponent in the primary, Mr. Knight, is running a negative campaign and is not being completely honest with the public.  I recently attended a public forum in which one citizen asked Mr. Knight if the company he works for packages Cannabis for retail sale.  He belittled this person and stated the obvious that Cannabis, or Marijuana, is illegal in Idaho and that they did not package Cannabis. He left the impression that associating his company with the Cannabis industry was misinformed.   In fact, Mr. Knight is the Director of Research and Product Development at N2 Packaging Systems who’s tag line is “The sustainable cannabis packaging company”. N2 says that they are “the trusted premium packaging provider to some of the most progressive cannabis producers and brands in the United States…”  While N2’s business is not illegal in Idaho, I am left wondering why Mr. Knight felt compelled to hide the nature of the business he works for.

Mr. Knight also highlights his services on the Board of Directors at Xavier Charter School in Twin Falls, but he fails to mention is that he was removed from the Board by unanimous vote during the Board’s Executive Session on August 25, 2021 without cause after a little more than one year of service. Why would the Board do this?  Could it be that his presence on the Board was disruptive and nonproductive?  This is Mr. Knights lone example of Public Service.

The question before the voters is which of the two candidates has the experience and integrity to represent the citizens of District 24B in the State Legislature.  The choice is clear, Steve Miller has demonstrated his excellent character and integrity during his entire life of Public Service. Vote for Steve Miller District 24B on May 17.”

Paul Pettit
Buhl, Idaho
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