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Ending the Cycle

Steve’s Perspectives

In March, Reeentry Roads alongside Workbay, completed 18 interviews in Idaho that consisted of 7 correctional professionals, 2 experienced politicians, 2 formerly incarcerated individuals, 1 incarcerated individual, 5 teachers, and 1 education administrator. These interviews served to show the need to connect incarcerated or absent parents with their child’s education.

Steve Miller’s experience in the House of Representatives gave insight to the work needed at the  root causes of justice involved citizens and their children that so often follow the same path.  Reentry Roads is working in partnership with Workbay towards addressing those root causes through current technology, training and bridging the gap between communities, education and absent parents.

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Hear some of Steve’s PERSPECTIVES in Education and Values in the videos below.

Identifying The Challenge:

Breaking The Cycle:

Incarcerated Individuals Need the Tools for Success:

The Value of Social Interactions: